Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dirty Birdie

Ladies, and some Gentleman, I know we all want to keep the glow of our youth, but are we willing to take doo in the face? Apparently, In Santa Fe some do take doo in the face. At the Ten Thousand Waves Spa women and men in their quest for eternal looking youth, plop out $115.00 for a 55 minute Nightingale Cleansing Mask. The powdered mask of “sanitized droppings” from the Nightingale is high in nitrogen and protein, and it is believed to draw out bacteria from the skin and break down dead skin cells far more gently than an acid peel. Used for centuries in Japan by geisha, in Santa Fe, the “birdie poop-filled” face mask is the new “all-natural way to brighten and smooth the skin.

Personally, I don't look so old that I need to pay $115.00 to have someone rub birdie-doo all over my face, thus I will keep to the old fashioned beauty routine of cracking an egg on it the next time I need to brighten and smooth my skin.

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