Monday, April 20, 2009

My First Blog Award!

Wow! I am sooo excited. One of my fellow bloggers, Chicks With Books, by Suzanne, has given me my very first blog award, the Premio Dardos Award. I am feeling a bit glowy right now.

The Premio Dardos Award is for bloggers who distinguish themselves for showing cultural values, ethics, great and fun writing skills, as well as individual values, through their creative writing.

Thank you again, Suzanne for this honor. Happy reading and blogging!

The rules of the Premio Dardos Award are as follows:

1. To accept and show the distinct image.

2. Show the link to the blog from which you were given the award.

3. Choose 15 blogs to give the Dards Award (Premio Dardos).

And the winners are:

These blogs offer something different and fresh. Some are informative, some are funny, and some are so clearly written from the heart and with such love it is hard not to read them. Enjoy!


  1. very honored and humbled by your kindness.. thanks so very much!

  2. This is a fun award, thanks so much for choosing to bestow it on my blog!

  3. awww! Thank you! I really appreciate it!