Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rude Sarah

Some things just aren’t funny and rudeness is one of them. One of my neighbors is so rude; I have named her Rude Sarah. Rude Sarah has lived in the building for about a year now, and she has no manners at all. From the day that she moved in, she has been RUDE, RUDE, AND RUDE. Rude Sarah refuses to speak to anyone in the building, throws other people's mail away if it is accidentally delivered to her mailbox but mostly her rudeness centers on her refusal to obey Farilington Associations parking rules. For example, Rude Sarah likes to park over, way over, the white lines making it impossible to park next to her, and when she does this she doesn’t move her car for days on end, so for several days…she takes up two spots in a lot that only has 18 spots to serve 24 units. Most in the building just mumble and gripe about Rude Sarah’s rudeness, and never really address it head on, but her last stunt was too much and it forced me to rub a bit of rude back in her rude and ugly face.

Recently, two Thursday’s ago to be exact, it was raining cats and dogs, and I had been out in it all day; walking in it, driving in it, and basically living in it. Anyhooadoo, on the Thursday mentioned I had been in the heavy down pours all day and when I arrived home from a long and wet day of work, I was hoping to find a parking spot in the lot. Nope, nadda, no spots available, lot was full and one car in particular, a newer Cadillac with OHIO plates 210L$%^ caught my eye, and it did not put a smile on Funny Girl’s face.

I had a feeling that the offending Caddie belonged to a guest of Rude Sarah, and feeling bold as I rode a hot wave of Irish anger I penned a colorful note that informed the owner of the Caddie that his/her behavior was unacceptable, and that my greatest wish for the evening was that his/her car be towed and damaged in the process. Feeling a bit of satisfaction after leaving my colorful note under the windshield wiper of the Caddie I went about my evening with a nice glass of wine and allowed myself to let go of the remaining anger I had over the rudeness displayed by both the owner of the Caddie and Rude Sarah.

About an hour into my now somewhat relaxing evening, BANG, BANG, BANG, on the front door; the dogs are going nuts, (Oh! for heaven sake, calm down Lucy and Ellie-Mae), I walked to the door, looked through the peephole and viewed Rude Sarah with my colorful note in hand. Whew-Wee! She looked pissed, but I didn’t and still don’t care. Seems that the Caddie belongs to Rude Sarah’s boyfriend’s parents and it was their first visit to Virginia to meet Rude Sarah, their future daughter-in-law.

Next time, Rude Sarah, obey the rules and avoid some embarrassment on your part. Oh! And you really showed your absolute gall when your future father-in-law moved the Caddie; you had the nerve to take the spot instead of letting one your neighbors have it. You really are a rude piece of work and it’s not funny!


  1. Love the pic, it actually kind of looks like her!

  2. I am glad to know that I'm not the only sticklet for rules! lol