Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taken Away On A Gurney

It is no secret to those who know me well that I have trouble sleeping and at any given hour no matter how late or early it is if something is going on in the neighborhood, I know about it. For instance, I know that one neighbor likes to walk her dogs a 1:00AM, and when one couple rolls in at 2:00AM not only are they loud and drunk, but both are frisky, however, the details of the frisky couple will have to wait for another posting.

This morning at about 2:15, I was awake and watching a repeat of Showbiz Tonight, when I heard quite a ruckus outside. I thought who is being towed. Turns out no one was being towed. Instead of a tow truck, when I looked out of my living room window, I saw a fire truck, the ambulance, and one of my neighbors strapped to a gurney and being taken away by a very hot looking paramedic. Wow, that’s kind of scary, (not the hot looking paramedic part, but the gurney and being taken away part), wonder who is strapped to the gurney and how serious is it?

As I looked out the window and tried to determine who it was, I concluded that it must be Tom, and I made a mental note to call Marlo at a reasonable hour to find out if everything is okay and if she and Tom need anything. At 9:30 I called Marlo and left a message, and I got a call back and found out that it was not Tom, so Marlo and I now think it’s Jeff, so we hung up and I called CC…no it wasn’t Jeff….it was Rude Sarah who had been strapped to a gurney and taken to the hospital..So I guess Rude Sarah is now Sick Sarah, and as much as I dislike her due to her rudeness, I hope everything is okay...and that it is not too serious.


  1. Love yours too!!! Glad we found each other :)

  2. Did you ever find out if she was ok? Too bad you couldn't find out who the hot EMT was!!!!

  3. Hey LaDawn, No. I never did find out what required a trip to the hospital in an ambulance. As for the hottie....the fire station is right around the corner from me and if I really wanted to find the hottie I could always change the route of the dog walk and stroll by the station. Hmmmmmm. I hear the fire guys and EMT's really like the neighborhood dogs...and mine are so cute...Hmmmm, perhaps this weekend I go for a walk with the dogs.