Saturday, May 30, 2009


Some of my employees engage in what I call IDIOT BEHAVIOR. Here are my favorite examples of IDIOT BEHAVIOR that I had to deal with this past week. I know, I am being a bad boss for blogging about it but really....Come on people, why do you put me through the foolishness?
1. To the guy who comes to work drunk and he thinks I don't know; Oh but I do, and I'm gonna gettcha. Congrats! You're A Drunk Idiot.
2. To the newbie who thinks that I'm an IDIOT, and plays dumb in order to gain from the benefit of plausible inability, (I can't do my job becasue I don't know how because I am so dumb;BUT HE'S NOT!)...Hey Genius, I'm NOT an IDIOT, but you ARE FOR THINKING THAT I AM. Keep this up any longer and I am gonna stick dumb up your ass.
3. To the guy who tantrums and threatens to quit when I tell him that he needs to provide more direction for his team; Really?...Be a man, suck it up and stop being an IDIOT, you friggin baby.
4. Last but not least, to the guy who brought his daughter to work this morning and thinks that it is okay. Really, you think it is okay to bring your daughter to work? What crack are you smoking? Next time, get a baby-sitter, IDIOT.


  1. I SO want to post about my staff. There's such a plethora of information there but I can't risk losing my job until I get a sugar daddy ready to kick off.

  2. Chrissy, I know what you mean, that's why I don't use names of my employees, and I keep the comments directed at the behavior. Good God, I hope people from work don't find me here in blog-land. This is my one place to let it all out.

  3. Keep this up any longer and I am gonna stick dumb up your ass.OMG! I could not stop laughing over that part! I once worked for this company where the woman brought her daughter in all the time. So distracting.

  4. I've had to explain to teachers that they can't bring their children or pets to work during teacher work days. What I consider to be so obvious is apparently not so obvious to some people (the idiots).

  5. I live by the motto "If you want something done properly do it yourself".

    I'll be an absolute wreck if ever the day comes that I require staff.

  6. I agree with Michelle, I almost died at "Keep this up any longer and I am gonna stick dumb up your ass." Hilarious. I hate working!