Tuesday, June 16, 2009

English Comp Journal~From The Mind of a 16 Year Old Girl

When I was a junior in high school my English Comp teacher made the class keep a journal that we had to write in each Thursday. Each Thursday I would sit pen in hand with a blank mind and an empty entry, but then the words would come, but before they came I would have a hissy fit and think, "Why do I have to do this stupid shit, this is dumb, I hate this, I hate Mr. Carver, What the fuck and I going to write about?"
Here is the first entry to the journal that I was forced to write 23 years ago. God this makes me feel old! I am writing the entry just as I did when I was 16, no corrections to grammar or spelling etc.

Jan. 30, 86

Okay, so, Mr. Carver is like making us write a journal. We can write what we want to but like I don't know what to write about. I could write the horoscopes for journalism but then Mr. Carver would see them and no one is supposed to see what goes into the school paper before it comes out and it is not coming out until like next Friday.

Well, I just don' t know what to say but like I have to write something or I will get an F. If I get an F I will be in trouble and my mom and Hal will take my car away from me until they need milk and then they will send me 7-11 to get it and then I will get my car back. Get like your own milk I no longer know how to drive like RE-MEM-BER DUH! I got an F in Eng-Lish.

There was a shuttle disaster two days ago, The Challenger blew up over the ocean in like Flordia right after it took off and all seven people who were on board like blew up too. One of them was a teacher named Christa McAuliffe. Something about an o-ring caused it to blow up. I feel bad for all the people who died, and I think it is like sick to make dumb jokes about it. What kind of 7 doesn't come up? That is like TOTALLY GROSS

Ring, ring-the bell and The end!


  1. This is freaking awesome. The fact that you were so belligerent about English and your car, and you treated the shuttle disaster as an afterthought. I've never seen the priorities of the teenaged mind summed up so succinctly.

  2. Chris, I guess I was a brat, but I really did feel bad about the shuttle disaster, and I would get TOTALLY 80'S MAD at the cruel jokes that were told. I am still shocked that I have all my teeth because I was a real smart ass when I was a kid.

  3. FG were you like a Valley Girl when you wrote that. Cuz it's like totally funny how you talked. I say that because I'm from Socal and I like totally talked like that too. Sometimes I still do. Valley Girls rock! Fun Blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Theresa, I just wrote it the way I wrote when I was 16, like, ya know? LOL.

  5. That is like, so funny! I like feel like I'm like sitting in front of a 16 year old. TOTALLY!

  6. Chrissy, I know what you mean by, " I feel like I'm sitting in front of a 16 year old." When I read through some of this journal from high school, I laughed for about an hour at some of the stuff I wrote....I had to step back and remind myself that I was the 16 year old girl. I think I am going to post from this journal every Thursday, there is some good stuff....My Jr. Prom entry is hilarious!

  7. OMG..that was hysterical and brought back memories of keeping a journal in English class.
    However, my teacher would put mocking comments in our journals.

    I'd find him funny now, but his mocking at 16 was the end of the world to me.

    Great post!

  8. OMG...listen to you talking about "being old."

    Ok...I'm so old, my journal would have consisted of the first man to step on the moon in the early 1960's! And I remember it so clearly, because I had an ear infection and my ear was KILLING me. It was like....TOTALLY GROSS!


    Enjoyed this post!