Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love At First Cut And I Want A Pixie

Paulette is my hairstylist and I love her. No, not in the romantic kind of way, but in the" this chick really knows how to cut my hair and she never screws me over, and I will never cheat on her by having someone else cut my hair kind of way".

I have somewhat curly to very wavy hair with few cork-screw kinks in very weird places, and I have a lot of it, so my hair is not easy to cut. Thus, it takes someone with real talent to cut my hair correctly; meaning after the cut I won't need support group therapy; "Hello my name is Lynn", "Hello, Lynn".

Paulette has real talent and she has morals that all hairstylist should encompass. For instance Paulette will never encourage a client to get a cut or color when it is not needed. And if you sit in her chair and ask her to cut or color your hair in a style and color that won't work for you, she won't do it. Her motto is, I won't do stupid shit to you, so don't ask.

Like a lot of women, I have had some bad experiences with hairstylist. My first memory is when I was about eight. Money was tight when I was a kid and my parents did not have much for extras so in order to save money my mom took me to the beauty school and allowed one of the students to cut my hair. We went on a Saturday and all cuts that day were free. Picture this, A FRIGGING DOROTHY HAMILL CURLY BOWL CUT! I gave my penny-pinching mama a trauma-drama fit. I cried for days! For two years, I refused to allow anyone but myself cut my hair, and I did it with nail scissors, you know the curved kind? I was delusional, I thought I did a great job. Have you ever seen curly bangs cut with nail scissors? Not a pretty sight.

When I was fifteen I went to my first professional hairstylist, Sheryl. Sheryl was fabulous, she gave me so many great cuts and dyed my hair so many cool colors, and she never once lectured me on using 2 parts peroxide to 1 part water on my hair to lighten it; she would just sigh and cut the damage off. I once had her dye just my bangs blue. I don't know why...I think I thought it would look cool, but it just looked dumb. Sheryl cut my hair for 12 years and she would probably still be my stylist had I not moved from Vegas.

When I first moved to Virginia, I had a terrible time finding a stylist who could cut my hair, and after being here for about 8 years I found Teresa. Teresa was a beautiful and fun loving lady who had a real zest for life, and she could cut some great looking hair. Sadly, Teresa suddenly died on her birthday about 4 years ago....and this is why I now go to Paulette. Can I just say for the record, that getting a phone call in the middle of the night from someone you don't know telling you that your hairstylist died on her birthday, is a very traumatic experience. Teresa had just cut my hair on the previous Saturday, and she was so full of life, so happy, and fulfilled. I digress...Still gets to me; I was very fond of Teresa.

After Teresa died, It took me about a year to find Paulette and when I first went to her she had a real mess to clean up. Let's just say my hair was in bad shape. Paulette was very honest with me and said, "I can cut little by little every 4 to 6 weeks, or I can cut three inches now and save you some money, and your hair will look better than it does now." This kind of direct confidence gave me the push I needed so I let her cut three inches off of my curly to very wavy hair....After my hair dried it looked more like five inches had been cut off, and it looked FABULOUS! I had a curly to very wavy, raven colored bed heady bob; CAN YOU SAY SEXY! From the first cut, I was in love with Paulette.

Recently, I've been feeling like I've been in a style rut so I have been putting a lot of thought into some kind of change. Any kind of change, I just want a change. I have been looking through a few magazines hoping to find the change I want, and last night I came across a retro picture of the 60's icon fashion model Twiggy, and I squealed, "This is it, this is the change I have been looking for, and the change that I want; only bolder!" At 8:00 AM this morning I sat in Paulette's chair and proclaimed,"I want something neeeew, I'm tired of this mess that I want to call hair, and I want to be a bold version of blond when I leave, so I'm thinking, Platinum Pixie; Twiggy Style". Paulette looked at me and said, "I won't do stupid shit to you, so don't ask."

Good hairstylist are hard to find, great ones with morals are even harder. I am a lucky lady to have found Paulette, very lucky!

The next time I see Paulette, in about five weeks, I'm going to show her the picture at the top of this post, and ask for a version of this pixie cut. The lady in the picture has a round face like mine and the hair color is closer to what mine is, so she might agree. I know Paulette will never do anything close to any version of blond on me, but she may do a version of this pixie. Whadda ya'll think? Pixie or No Pixie?


  1. OMG! I had a Dorothy cut too. Ugh, I hated it. It was the first and last time I had short hair.

    I too, have a stylist I will never give up. It's bad enough that she's in the child bearing years and every time she has a baby, I panic because I always think she won't come back. But she always far.

    Anyway, I think the pixie is a very bold cut and it's really cute. But I guess the final decision will come from Paulette. Post a pic if you get it. I'd love to see it.

  2. I like the pixie cut. I also have a hairstylist with morals, she won't do dumb shit to me either. I scare alot of people though when I tell her to do whatever she wants with my hair.

  3. Well, having been a cosmetologist for 13 years, I can tell you how important it is to find a stylist who know's what they're doing, and who you trust.

    So brava to Paulette!!

    Hey...I LOVE the cut in the photo! I always enjoyed short haircuts. Many women are afraid to try them because they think they'll look like a boy. But I find short hair feminine and VERY sexy!

    I'm sure Paulette will give you great advice. Keep us posted!

  4. As I have a mohican I am not the best person to ask or give answers to hairstyling advice ... BUT ... Cant Paulette be given a free reign and come up with something fabulous for you?

  5. I love the pixie cut so if you trust Paulette I so go for it. Thanks for signing up as a follower, I signed up to follow you too.

  6. Oh boy a pixie cut? You'd have to be so brave to do that, I'd probably cry like that time you-know-who hacked my hair off without asking. So think hard about this first! And definitely ask Paulette what she thinks about it working with your face and hair texture.

  7. LOVE the pixie. I could never pull it off. I would look like a total jackass. But I did just chop my hair off into a bob. Yes, I brought in a picture of Selena Gomez who is over half my age or younger...