Sunday, July 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Stuff And A No Children Allowed Policy?

I'm emotionally drained. My insomnia is so bad I now only get about 2 to 3 hours of sleep each night. I just want to feel normal again...whatever normal feels like.

My mom just got out of the hospital, again, after a three week stay. I must say my mom is the strongest person I know. Just in the past four years, she has had a kidney removed, has been on dialysis three times per week, has had her rectum stitched back into her body, several bouts of pneumonia, a bit of depression, and a staff infection which invaded a heart valve, her hip and lower back. That's a lot of sh^! for a person to go through, and my mom still manages to be a warm and funny lady. Oh...Love Her!

Work has been a bear. Very busy with inspections, and other stuff that saps my energy. However, one day this past week as I filed a letter that a resident wrote to complain about one of his neighbors, I came across a letter that he wrote in May of 1980. It made me laugh, and I felt a bit normal if only for a minute, and it felt good.

May 13, 1980

Dear Ms. Blume,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and I want to say that my wife Sarah and I appreciate all that you do to make us comfortable here at XYZ Apartment Community. However, my wife and I are in great distress over all of the children who live here. There are too many people who live here who have children, and we would find it much more comfortable to live here if you would evict the neighbors who live upstairs from us.

The little bastard who lives upstairs, I think his name is Johnny, and I think he is about 13 years old, is too unruly and vulgar. His mother has no control over him and he does whatever the hell he wants. Just yesterday evening while my lovely wife Sarah was out on the balcony watering her beautiful flowers Johnny and two other boys, one was a chink and the other was either black or Mexican were in the courtyard making too much noise as they ran around and played and laughed right under our balcony. My lovely wife Sarah scolded them and told them to shut up. The response Sarah got sent her to bed with a migraine. Do you want to know what those hellions did to my Sarah? After Sarah told them to shut the hell up, all three of them turned their backs on her, dropped their pants, grabbed their arses and shook it at her and then yelled, "Kiss it bitch."

My poor Sarah is ill and in bed due to the unruly behavior of our neighbors' son and his little friends.

When we first moved to XYZ Apartment Community in 1974, children were not allowed to live here, and then it changed after for a few years when a new manager came in, the one before you. That manager, I think her name was Ms. Patterson, changed all of the old policies and allowed people with children to move in, and she let all other sorts move in too. Sarah and I make one simple request, we are good renters, we pay our rent on time and we don't give you any trouble so we don't see why there should be a problem with meeting it. Can you please reinstate the no-children allowed policy of yesteryear and evict the neighbors who live upstairs from us? Sarah and I would be ever so grateful.
Dr. C.

Some adults are ignorant, but kids are always funny! Personally, I hear music when a child laughs while at play.


  1. Your mom sounds a strong woman. My mom is on dialysis 3x a week for the last year or so and I know how hard that is. I can't imagine having to do that with EVERYTHING else your mom is going through her. Bless her.

    Wow, I know it used to be different, but reading that letter makes it real.

  2. Hi Theresa....My mom is awesomely strong and funny!

    The letter, peppered with ignorance, still made me laugh because Johnny and his friends told the old bat off in such a sophmoric yet clever way. I giggled all day after I found the letter from 1980 in the residents file...."Kiss it bitch" Oh Lord, that slayed me.

  3. If you take the time to get to know kids, you can almost always find something to enjoy about them. Too bad Dr. C and the Lovely Sarah were too much into themselves to appreciate the little rascals.

    Good luck to your mom!

  4. I feel for your mom and I admire her strenght. My step dad is in the hospital with his heart and he is on dislysis every other day.

    I also think kids are the greatest and they brighten my day. I have to say I got a few laughs out of the letter.

  5. Is that a real letter? Too funny! You mom sounds like mine. We call her the Energizer Bunny.

  6. CatLady and Mysteryghost, thankss for stopping by my blog. Good to meet you.

    Chrissy, yes.....this is a real letter from a resident who has lived at the community I manager since 1974....he and his Sarah have no children. And we still get letters from him comlaining about all the children and asking that their partent be evicted. Some people!

  7. OMG...this letter is hysterical so ignorant!

    And I just want you to know that I CHEERED and APPLAUDED when read the reaction of the three boys - "Way to GO!!!"

    I, like you...LOVE kids!

    Your mother sounds like mine. She's not only experienced health issues but financial issues in the past and I never heard her once complain.

    Great post, FG!

  8. Don't moms just rock?
    I just lost mine (after some extended illness) so cherish yours. She was my hero, as yours is for you.

    Love the letter.
    Great giggle.

  9. Nah, children suck. Why, just the other day I was telling my chink neighbor that the three spics down the street should really watch their friggin' language because there are respectable folks around these parts and we don't need any of that igorant spaniard nonsense. Wong (or is it Wang - I can never remember) agreed. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, anyway, and that means the same thing in any language, right? I've got to say they're not all bad, though. That hot brown mama walked by, gave me a big smile, and said... well, it sounded like "cago en tu leche, cab-rone". Do you know what it means? I'm thinking, "You look really sexy, loverboy", maybe?

  10. Ron, I too love the reaction the three boys had....cracked, no pun intended, me up.

    Nancy, I read about the loss of your mother, prayers and hugs to you and your family. I cherish my mother everyday. Glad the letter made you giggle....Any form of laughter helps with feeling normal again.

    Sludog....I just don't know what to say...I'm laughing too hard.

  11. This letter definitely livened up a boring day at work. Thanks for sharing it!