Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Funnies


  1. Can you remove mine while you are there too please?

  2. I wish!! LOL

    BTW you need to pop back over to your comment you left on my blog and read what you put again. Let's just say you really lived up to your name for the Hubster & I, I responded accordingly!!

    Nice to meet you :-)

  3. Bwhahahahahahahaha!

    This is PRICELSS!!!!

    Thanks for the "funny" Funy Girl!

    Hey...and I LOVE your new template!!!

  4. OMG! I totally appreciate that cartoon today. Two days ago I got a letter from the beloved IRS informing me I owed them money from a couple years back. Argh! You go Snoopy!

  5. Your "Things Overheard" are the best!

  6. ooughh i like that BG... lovely :thumbsup:
    i've put you on my readers list, thnx :)

  7. Eternallly...I will keep trying for both of us.

    Brit Gal, thanks for stopping by my blog...I am so red in the face.

    Ron, knew you would love the Joan Collins quote.

    Theresa, I owq them too...first time in about 10 years...OUCH!

    Sludog...Glad you like my Things Overheard...I always get a good laugh!

    Genial, WOW, I think you are my first from another country to follow me; thanks! Glad you stopped by and hope you do so often.

  8. Damn, I wish I'd known you could do this.