Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Neighbor And A Baby Is On The Way!

I met my new neighbor! So far so good. Much better than the rude piece of work who used to live across the hall from me with her meanness and bad manners. My new neighbor has a dog, and y'all know how much I love dogs; jackpot! Friendly and with a dog....Oh Yippee!

So the new neighbor's name is Carrie and she moved in last weekend, she is from Philly, and her dog's name is Trevor; a very sweet Pug. I met Carrie the other day as I walked down the stairs to check the mail; Carrie was at the mailboxes checking her mail, and when she saw me she actually spoke first with a friendly hello and a welcomed hand shake, again sooooo very different than the rude piece of work who used to be my neighbor. Thank God, the building now has nothing but nice people, and we have another dog; 7 dogs in all...LOVE IT!
So now about the baby that is due in April. (Pause) No, not me. My APM and his wife are expecting. This is how he told me.

Wednesday afternoon, APM: Hey, I have a doctors appointment that I need to go to on Friday, with Rental Diva off, will you be okay in the office alone for an hour or two...I know it gets busy, but I really kind of have to go to this appointment.

Me: No problem, is everything okay?
APM: Yeah, it's all good, I just need to be at this doctors appointment.

Me: No worries..take all the time you need.

Friday Afternoon after the APM gets back from the doctor's appointment: Walks in with a bag from McDonalds...big smile on face. APM proceeds to his office, and starts to eat lunch but can't finish it. APM leaves lunch and comes out into the main lobby area, and stands in front of the desk that I am sitting at and says: I heard my baby's heart beat today and saw a picture of it....It's the size of a peanut and it already looks like me; my kid is HOT! It was really cool. I'm a Daddy!

The joy, excitement, and the pride I saw on my APM's face brought tears to my eyes. I would pay every last dime I have to see that look again...truly priceless! I have tears in my eyes now....need to stop; I really don't want the world to know what a softy I am.

Congrats to my APM and his wife.....What a lucky baby! My APM is going to be a very good Daddy!


  1. Exciting times, that's for sure. Wait till the kid's a teenager, though!

  2. Oh...WOW!! you know that I actually got teary-eyed from you simply sharing the baby story???

    I did. I swear! I could feel his joy, excitement and pride!

    CONGRATULATIONS, daddy-to-be!

    hip, hip, hooray!

    Ok...and the photo of Trevor is so adorable! What a CUTE face. And I bet he's got a great personality too.

    So happy to hear that you finally have a nice neighbor, FG. Believe me, living in an apartment, I know how important that is. And I smiled when you said she was from cool!

  3. What a cool post. First, a picture of one of the cutest dogs ever and then a story of a proud dad. Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

  4. Chris, Teenage years, HA! My APM will love it. But I think a teenage girl will be hard for him, so I'm hoping he has a boy, but I think it is a girl.

    Ron, Good neighbors are hard to come by, and I love that she is cool with good manners. Who would have thought the two of us getting all teary eyed over a baby, what's up with that?


    Pugs are cute and Trevor is very sweet; Lucy and Ellie-Mae kind of dig him too, but mostly Lucy. Only eight weeks old in utro and my APM already thinks of himself as a daddy; don't ya just love it?

  5. There are few things as awe inspiring as seeing your baby on the ultrasound for the first time!

  6. We met Trevor last night, and my dog doesn't like him cause he's not fixed!

  7. That is so sweet! There is nothing quite like hearing your baby's heartbeat and seeing him/her for the first time. It's like "woohoo" and "oh crap" at the same time!!! I'll never forget the feeling of relief at finally being able to have children and the overwhelming responsibility of parenthood hit me all at once. It was an amazing, beautiful moment - one I wish I could live in forever! Maybe that's why I keep getting pregnant! ;O)