Sunday, September 27, 2009

Freedom To Blog And A Sunday Funny

Recently a friend from bloggie world felt that he had to take down his blog due to some anonymous idiot who contacted his supervisor to complain about some of the blogs content. Now mind you, the blog was in no way degrading, offensive or foul. The blog was funny and held a tremendous amount of fantastic writing. With a click of the delete button the old blog is now gone, but a new one has taken it's place. The new blog is already full with fantastic writing, and will offer more belly aching laughs; still it p's me off that the old one is gone.

To my followers, if you are looking for a well put together blog, and if you value the freedom to blog, check out and follow this Knucklehead.

Hats off to the man behind Knucklehead, he is the perfect example of how not to argue with an idiot, but to carry on and do so with humor in the face of ignorance and stupidity.


  1. I saw that you added yourself as a follower to my blog. I can't even get my Mom to read, so it was flattering. I had to check out who the new ad was.... funny stuff. I will keep checking it out.
    If you have a minute send me an email to let me know how you found us, I am always interested in the connection. Ron M and family

  2. Well thanks, Funny Girl. I appreciate the sentiments. The comic is spot on, also.

    The "SH" word? Shut up?

  3. Hi Funny Giri!

    LOOOOOVE the comic!

    This was so nice of you to support your blogging buddy!

    Have a great day!

  4. Here for the first time and very much liked your words about the recommended blogger... which I shall now visit.

  5. "Knucklehead" is one of the best bloggers out there. Shame about what happened.

  6. Agree. Knucklehead got shafted, but handled it very well. And I'm so glad he's continuing.