Saturday, February 27, 2010

LiL' Funny Girl

It's 8:00 AM, she opens the kitchen door to let Jazz, (Big Yellow Lab), and Co-Co, (Big Chocolate Lab), out for thier morning business, and this is the conversation that follows:

Lil' Funny Girl: "Auntie, how come Jazz and Co-Co sniff each other's butts?"

Me: (Thinking how am I going to answer this one) " Well, um, you see it's um, how a, it's how dogs say good morning and good-bye to each other."

Lil' Funny Girl: "Oh, is that how Jazz and Co-Co are polite and show good manners in the morning and when they say good-bye?"

Me: Yes, it's polite dog manners.

Later that day when I pick Lil' Funny Girl up from pre-school.

Me: 'Hi Lil Funny Girl, did you have a good day today, and did you remember to be polite, and to mind your manners?"

Lil' Funny Girl: "Yep, but when I saw Ms. Gayle this morning, I didn't sniff her butt, I just said, Good Morning Ms. Gayle."

Lil' Funny Girl~~age 4 1/2.



    OMG, this is both HYSTERICAL and so PRECIOUS!

    That's what I absolutely LOVE about kids...

    ...they just say it like it is!

    Thanks for an AWESOME Saturday laugh, FG!


  2. oh dear lord thank god i thought you were going to tell us how she sniffed someones

    labs are awesome! i have 2 choc and one blk