Saturday, March 6, 2010

LiL' Funny Girl

10:30 AM- Wednesday

Ring Ring: This is Debbie

School Secretary: Is this Debbie, Lil' Funny Girl's Grandmother?

Debbie: Yes. Is everything okay?

School Secretary: Well, no one is hurt, injured, or ill but we need you to pick up Lil" Funny Girl. She's not going to be able to finish to day here at Mother's Day Out, Church of Christ.

Debbie: Ah, okay. What happened?
School Secretary: Lil' Funny Girl is just not herself today, and it's been building for a couple of weeks now, and today the dam just broke.

Debbie: Okay, I'll be there shortly, but please tell me what happened.

School Secretary: She yelled at Ms Gayle, kicked a toy, and stomped her foot when she could not be Line Leader. She is now on time-out away from the rest of the class and has calmed down, but we feel it best if you pick her up today, and we can try again tomorrow.

Debbie: I'm on my way.


Lil' Funny Girl: Am I on punishment?

Me: Yes.

Lil's Funny Girl: Because I had bad manners, and was not polite to Ms. Gayle?

Me: Yes! And you were not polite to the rest of your class, or to Ms. Rene, or to Ms. Brenda. I am very disappointed in you. Nana raised you with manners; you know better. Did you lose your manners? If you did, you need to find them.

Lil' Funny Girl: Can I watch my shows?

Me: No!

Lil' Funny Girl: Is punishment, no shows?

Me: Yes.


Lil' Funny Girl: Can I watch my shows now?

Me: No!


Lil' Funny Girl: Can I please watch my shows now? I found my manners, they were in my pocket.

Me: No!

Lil' Funny Girl: For how long?

Me: Until punishment is over.


Lil' Funny Girl: Is punishment over?
Me: No!

Lil' Funny Girl: Gosh, punishment is a looong time.

Me: Exactly!
~~Lil' Funny Girl age 4 1/2

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  1. ..."Can I please watch my shows now? I found my manners, they were in my pocket"...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....OMG, how cute!!!!!

    Hey, Lil' Funny Girl sounds like ME when I was a Lil' Funny Boy!

    I really enjoy these posts, FG!

    Hope you had a great Saturday!