Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud To Be An American

Today is a day that I have taken the time to reflect upon my love of country. There are so many reasons why I love America! But really, at the root of it, I love America, and I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN because I am free, and I have never feared a loss of my freedom. So many have fought, and many have died for my FREEDOM. There are those whose politics I don't agree with, but they have served our great country and I am grateful. I am grateful to ALL who have served; I could have never of done it; each of you are a personal hero to me. Thank you for your service.

I was born in 1969 after the start of the Civil Rights movement, after the deaths of MLK and RFK, and after President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, so I was born at a time when the thought of civil rights and the ACT of civil rights were two activities that danced around each other while trying to find a common ground. Today, January 20, 2009, I think that common ground has been found. Today a black man, Barack H. Obama, became President of the United States, the greatest country on earth. Agree or disagree with PRESIDENT Obama's politics, today is a day that we, as Americans of all persuasions, can be proud. We as a nation have pushed passed the prejudices which have plagued us for far too long, and we have come upon a new horizon which is bright and full of promise.

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