Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lynn's Thoughts On the Top 40 Things.....

40 Things You Should Do or Have or Get By The Time You Turn 40.

1. Get a mammogram; it could save your life.

2. Get a good bra.

3. Give more to your 401K.

4. Get a Will.

5. Get screened for heart disease.

6. Get a great pair of jeans, and a little black dress that make you look 10 pounds thinner.

7. Two fabulous lovers; the one you learned from and the one who benefited from what you learned.

8. A broken heart and the knowledge that comes with knowing that you will survive it.

9. Some dirty-laundry that only a few know about; it means you’ve had an interesting life.

10. Chutzpah, Gall, Nerve. Moxie…whatever you want to call it…just get it.

11. A dog or two.

12. A friend who has been there and will be there for a lifetime.

13. The ability to mean it when you say FUCK IT, and not care.

14. A mani and pedi and a facial and a massage ALL in the same day.

15. The ability to sound like you know what you are talking about when you don’t.

16. The ability to laugh at yourself.

17. A piece of property.

18. The ability to forgive and forget.

19. A fabulous hairdresser.

20. A great gynecologist.

21. Love the way you look ; even though you don’t have the body you had when you were in
your 20’s

22. The ability to see yourself through your eyes not the eyes of others.

23. Volunteer your time to a worthy cause; Pet Adoptions, Neighborhood Watch, Domestic
Abuse Hotline…whatever floats your boat or wherever the need is in your community…become a part of the solution.

24. Finding pleasure in having alone time.

25. Stop fearing what you’re not good at and just do it…example; singing, if you can’t sing do it anyway, and have fun with it.

26. Do something completely unexpected; something your friends and family would be shocked by; example….Skydiving!

27. Looking forward to the nap you need to take in the middle of the day.

28. A personal relationship with God.

29. The knowledge that style and comfort are compatible.

30. Having no regrets of the mistakes you made in your 20’s and 30’s because now you are so much wiser, and can enjoy life without the DRAMA.

31. You know how to say NO and mean it.

32. You realize that success is not measured by how much your co-workers like you, how high you have climbed on the corporate ladder, or by how much money you make, success is measured by how complete your life is for you as you have defined it.

33. You realize that your self worth is not measured by the size of your ass.

34. You gain a BS detector; don’t question it just use it, and don’t be afraid to call it like you see it.

35. Piece of mind in knowing that there are no “age” problems; only circumstances which come with age, and you have the ability to change the age circumstance with Botox, hair color, and SPANX.

36. The chance to tell that one guy who you were so crazy about, the one who dropped you like a hot potato after you made him cheesecake at 1:00AM, you know the one who left you for the bimbo, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! And now I know how really bad you were as a lover so Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You again!

37. Get one good handbag and pair of shoes…Prada, Jimmy Choo; go ahead spend the money…you’ve earned it.

38. Take up a new hobby.

39. Learn another language.

40. Get in touch with your inner child and love her everyday!


  1. Love it all especially #33 and #36. Embrace it.

  2. Those are my personal favorites! These comments display my creativity and the charm of my smart-ass humor. :)