Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Mix of Everything

I recently found Playlist, and I love it. Like many people, I am way behind on the technology that is out there, and had no idea that this great thing existed. When I found Playlist I was so excited that I had the ability to create a list of my favorite songs and artists that I could listen to wherever there was a computer and internet service. I felt and still feel like a kid in a candy store salivating all over the yummy goodness to choose from. Seriously, everyday, I edit my list....I am addicted to it in the same way I am addicted to Facebook....all this new to me technology is a bit overwhelming, and I must pause to take a deep breath or the excitement might make me go completely silly.

After I created my Playlist, I told everyone I know that I had done so, and asked that they take a listen to it. Some who did so were kind enough to share their thoughts with me. My sister Debbie first told me that with the mix of music that I have on my list she now knows for a fact that I have several personalities, (Hello, my name is Sybil), and she also told me that there where too many Dixie Chick songs on the list...(that's because "Dixie Sybil" likes the Dixie Chicks). At the time Dixie Sybil had five DC songs on the list, but now it is down to just three...Older sister is correct, five of any artist/group/band is too many on one list, and "We" have tried to keep it to the rule of three. Debbie's husband Toshie commented, (Disclaimer; Toshie is a professional musician and he has a very high standard for what can be called music.), that I had a lot of "girl stuff" on the list...must be the "Genie In a Bottle" song...Oh, come on Toshie, "Genie" is a fun song; not musically great...but a fun song so it made the list; "Fun Sybil" put it on the list. Fun Sybil is a silly girl and she put a lot of fun songs on the list like MC Hammer's Big Butt Roll, The B52's Loveshack, and Tony Basil's Hey Mickey. And last but not least, my friend's CC and Jeff could only say that my Playlist is....."interesting." I'm not sure what they mean by...interesting so I will assume that interesting is a good thing. (God Bless them both, but like Toshie,...they are music snobs because all three, unlike any of my personalities, have been blessed with the music talent gene. What you won't find on the list is Gangsta-Rap...."No Violence Sybil" doesn't like this kind of music.

That's it in a nutshell, my mix of everything has no violence in it, and it is evidence of several personalities, one of which really likes the Dixie Chicks, (Dixie Sybil), and thanks to Fun Sybil, there is some fun "girl stuff" here too. Some of the music might not be what music professionals, (Toshie), call great, but it's music that is fun, and if you listen to it, you too might find it...interesting.


  1. We said it was very eclectic and we liked it! I don't remember saying "interesting!"

  2. Oh good golly...interesting or eclectoic..must have been the personality who does not listen. LMAO. :)