Saturday, February 28, 2009

40 Random Things About Me.

1. I like blue cheese dressing; especially with hot chicken wings or fingers.
2. I tried smoking when I was junior high, and hated it, and never did it again.
3. I do not own a gun.
4. When I go to Starbucks..I like to get plain ole coffee; nothing fancy.
5. I like my hot-dogs grilled and with mustard.
6. My favorite Christmas song is I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You-Elvis.
7. In the morning I like to drink coffee or diet coke.
8. When I was seven I would only answer to the name of Laura due to my love of Little House On The Prairie...I even wore a bonnet to school, and carried my lunch in a bucket.
9. My favorite piece of jewelry is the opal ring my mom gave me for Christmas when I was 19.
10. I love to read.
11. I think I have ADD
12. I hate the possibility of being ADD
13. My middle name is Lynn.
14. I am thinking of three things at this moment. I’m Cold, why I thinking about work?, and I should let the dogs out to pee.
15. My three favorite drinks are wine, coffee and Diet Coke.
16. I wonder why does my left hand go numb on a daily basis?
17. I hate animal abuse
18. My favorite place to be is with friends and family!
19. I like to spend New Years at home.
20. I hate everything about traveling. I am the worst person in the world to travel with.
21. I know that two people will read this; Debbie and CC.
22. I do not own slippers, and my feet are always cold, so I usually wear socks.
23. The shirt that I am wearing is brown.
24. I would not make it past day one on Survivor.
25. I don’t sing in the shower.
26. Favorite girl names are Grace, Ava, and Reese.
27. Favorite boy names are Owen, Jacob, and Luke.
29. My dogs always make me laugh.
30. I have never had a serious injury only a..broken finger.
31. I like where I live.
32. I have two televisions in my house.
33. I am the loudest person I know.
34. I think that secretly everyone has a crush on me.
35. My favorite candy is plain dark chocolate bars.
36. I love the Runnin Rebels.
37. I like to watch TV at midnight.
38. My first thought of the day was that I needed to go to the bathroom.
39. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday
40. My sister Debbie might be right...I just might have more than one personality.

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  1. What? #21 you don't trust that I will be reading this too? mki