Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just A Thought On The Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper: A name given to Death, and from the 15th century on, has come to be known as a skeletal figure who carries a large scythe in hand, and is clothed in a black hooded cloak.

It is believed that in some cases, the Grim Reaper can actually cause the death of a person. This has lead to a common belief that he, the Grim Reaper, can be negotiated with, bribed, tricked, or outwitted in order to retain one's life. Others believe that he is a spirit, angel or a deity who's responsibility it is to escort the newly deceased to the afterlife. His purpose is to serve as the last link between body and soul; his purpose is to sever, with his scythe, the tie between the two, and to guide the soul to it's next life, (wherever that may be). His role is not to judge the life of the deceased but to only act as a guide and to provide passage to the next life.....Blah, Blah ,Blah.....this is what I think of the Grim Reaper.

"Hooded in a black cloak and scythe in hand, his anorexic ass comes to all of us in the end; ready and eager to help us shed our mortal lives, like a childhood game of Hide-In-Go Seek; ready or not, one Mississippi, two Mississippi...he comes."

What a dick.

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  1. There isn't any hiding from him that's for sure.
    Keep moving as fast as we can, enjoy life(evan at 40?) before the d--- stakes his claim.Screw him !!
    Debbie in Memphis