Thursday, March 12, 2009

So This Is It...This Is 40?

Okay, so now it’s official…I’m 40. How is this any different than being 39? Well lets see…..woke up this morning…nothing unusual about it, same routine, kiss, kiss, kiss from the two dogs, slowly got out of bed, (ouch why am I so stiff, why does my back hurt, why can’t I just go back to sleep?),went to the bathroom, put a pot of coffee on, took the dogs out to pee, turned on the news for traffic and weather updates, logged onto Facebook and read all of the Happy Birthday wishes from friends,(thanks), Took a shower and then looked in the mirror…hmmmm, still only a few gray hairs, the wrinkles aren’t any deeper, and no more than yesterday; neck looks okay, (no turkey waddle), body parts are all in their proper places with no sagging, nothing seems to have changed…feel the same, look the same. Perhaps this 40 thing won’t be so bad.

On the drive to work, several “Happy Birthday” text messages, and a phone call from CC. She sang Happy Birthday to me, and then laughed and said, “Welcome to the club, bitch”. Then a phone call from my sister Debbie, she laughed too…why is this so friggin funny? I really don’t see the humor. Another text message, this one from my sister Connie, “I remember the day you came home from the hospital, has it really been 40 years?” Then a phone call from Brenda, my other sister,…she thinks it’s funny too. Still not getting the humor.

Okay so far with about 12.5 hours of being 40, me turning 40, is really funny to family and friends and now I am part of some “Funny 40 Club” in which I did not ask to be a part of , and I just don’t see the humor in being 40. Upon becoming a member of the"Funny 40 Club", I learned the secret handshake, the password, and all of the answers to the questions about life that I had in my 20's and 30's, (these are just a few things for those who have not reached 40 can look forward to). Seriously, when you wake you on the morning of your 40th birthday, a big light bulb goes off and you spontaneously know the handshake, the password, and answers to several questions you have asked yourself for the past 20 years.

One good thing about turning 40 is it did not change me; I am delighted that I did not wake up to find a gray haired old lady with sagging body parts staring back at me when I looked in the mirror. If what I see in the mirror is as bad as it gets; well I’m okay with it. 40 isn’t that bad, as one friend told me; it’s only a number.


  1. Just wait until 50 (giggle)! ! mki

  2. Lynn! I'm so sorry. I totally missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday. I'm glad to hear it doesn't hurt cause I'll be there soon! They say 40 is the new 30, so I'm starting to not dread it sooooo much. Hope you had a wonderful day :0)