Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aww-Summm Award

I am excited...I got another award....This one is from Anna, and she has a really great blog. You should check it out. Okay, so the rules for this award are simple and here goes the rules, and I will try to come up with seven things that make me Aww-Summm.

List seven things that make you Aww-Summ and then pass to seven people you think are Aww-Summm.

1. I come from a family of pretty feet and my feet are beyond pretty...I have beautiful feet.
2. I am a good cook.
3. I am really honest...too much so....I tend to put it all out there.
4. I have a silly sense of humor.
5. I have grown to appreciate the nerve that comes with wisdom.
6. I've been skydiving; but only once.
7. I believe that dogs rule, and this will get me into heaven.

As for the seven people that I need to send the Aww-Summ Award to....I LOVE all of the blogs that I follow and there are more than I am breaking the rules...Oh! That makes eight things that are Aww-Summm about me....I am a rule braker. Anyway, all of the blogs that I follow are connected to people who are Aww-Summm so here's to all of you....You're Aww-Summm. Thanks for the great reads!

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