Friday, May 15, 2009


One of my residents, LC1, who happens to also work with me, had an incident in her apartment today. LC1's momma did not turn the gas stove all the way off, and thus left a small flame burning with a pot on top of the stove. An hour later, smoke, a lot of smoke, is everywhere and a dog is trapped inside. But never fear, ST1was near LC1's apartment, heard the smoke alarm and realized that it was coming from LC1's so he ran...ran to the office got the pass key and ran back to LC's, felt the door...not hot, so he opened and walked through the apartment with a fire extinguisher in hand, he came upon the kitchen full of smoke, "put the smoke out", and then heard a dog bark and whimper a bit. ST1 walked through the apartment and opened all of the closed doors. Behind one door was Calypso, a sweet looking Pitt-Bull Mix, who bolted for the front door to safety. Whew! Dog and apartment are safe and no injuries or serious damage thanks to ST1.

After assessing that there was no damage other than a smoke smell, I met Calypso for the first time today, and I must say, she's one of the sweetest dogs I have ever come across. She was a bit nervous and scared, but when she nuzzled up and got as close as she could get to me, I was done, she owned me! I am and was putty in her paws.

Thank you ST1 for not only saving LC1 apartment but for saving Calypso.


  1. I am huge dog lover! In fact, our dog is a dachshund who was paralyzed before her back surgery gave her the abilty to walk again. We changed our whole way of life at home to accommodate the dog.

    Love your blog! Thanks for your sweet comments. I'll be back!

  2. Beth that is great that your dog can walk again. I have neighbors who has a paralyzed dog. They have been able to work wonders with Bella. My two dogs are my BFF's

  3. Man...that could have turned out badly. So glad all is well again esp for Calypso :0)