Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brad Paisley Is A Tool

No picture on this one as I will not post his ugly mug. I follow a really funny blog, probably the best blog out there that I have found. The lady behind it has been threatened with a law-suit by Brad Paisley for blogging about him. Check out the blog here. Take a look at what Harmony has to say in, A Word From Harmony, and follow the link in the post to the blog entry that started what could be a war. All I can say is, Brad Paisley is a TOOL, and his wife looks like she had a bad Botox job, and they should sue the doctor who did the work on her now ugly face rather then destroy a non-profit which is devoted to at risk children, and bully the woman who blogged about it with the threat of a law suit. Really?

Speak on it people. And if it pisses you off, PASS IT ON, post a link in your blog to Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper.

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