Monday, May 25, 2009

My Dad Served Our Country

On Memorial Day I think about both my dad and my step-dad a lot, and I think about all who have served for the freedoms that I have today, one being my complete freedom to blog. I just love my country and I am so thankful to all who served. My dad and my step-dad served in the Korean War, both in the Army. When I look at their pictures from their time in the service, I see how young and scrappy they both were and I wonder what was going on in their heads when they were so far away from home...For both, home is a small southern town; my dad hails from Pulaski, Tennessee, and my step-dad from Shreveport, Louisiana. Both at the age of only 17 and baby-faced, on guard in a country so far from what was normal to them; I don't know how they did it, nor do I know how young men and women do it today, I am just thankful that they do.

I am thankful that both my dad and step-dad are still here to share their stories of their time in the service...As they share their stories with me, they remember their buddies who did not make it home to live the benefits of what they were fighting for. To all who did not make it home to live the benefits of your scarafice, Reggie Girl, has a beautiful post with a poem that honors you. The poem is just beautiful and it made me tear up in RED, WHITE, and BLUE....Oh, how I love and honor You!

Thanks to ALL who have defended freedom. I also thank our Allies...We could never have done it without the sacrifices you have made, and today...I honor you too and give thanks for your service.


  1. Much appreciation and blessings toward your dad and step-dad for serving this country. Have a wonderful Memorial day.

  2. Very well said. My Dad served in Korea, too, and I'm lucky enough to still have him around.

  3. Great tribute! Happy Memorial Day!