Monday, June 8, 2009

The Crazy Bitch Called The Cops!

OMFG I have a freaking horrible Monday. The kind of Monday that you want to just go back to bed, hit the rewind button on the alarm clock and start the day over. The day started off okay enough for a Monday, but as the morning went on...Oh, God. The first sign that it was going to be a rough day started with the coffee maker at work. Every time I made the coffee, the damn thing would back up and water and coffee grounds would spit all over the counter and floor..what a mess to clean up....five times before I got it right. The day only got worse from here.

At about 11:30 AM a young woman who looked somewhat familiar to me come into the office, marched to the desk that I sitting at and glared...I mean burn a hole in my soul kind of glare and informed me that she was there to "get her money". After a moment or two I figured out who she was. The young woman, and I use the word loosely here as a woman would never conduct herself in the manner she did today, was a former applicant who leased with the property I manage and then cancelled, and she was due a refund of her security deposit.

The refund of the security deposit for the former applicant has been processed and the check has been mailed to the address that she provided us to mail the refund to, but she claims that she has not received it. When I informed the young woman that the refund check had been cut and sent to the address that she provided, she began to yell and then called me a liar, and then...oh this is classic, as another young woman and her grandmother come into the office to inquire about an apartment, the young woman who glared at me and called me a liar proceeded to "advise" the new young woman and her grandmother not to rent at the property because we are thieves and liars and we are rude and unprofessional etc... As my Assistant Property Manager tried to come to the rescue and save the prospective residents, I did my best to calm the now hard to handle former applicant. To no avail each time I tried to reason with her and advise her on what I could and could not do for her she became more belligerent and informed me that she planned to stay in the office all day until I gave her her money and she would sit all day and disrupt our ability to conduct business at the property. Nice! At this point all reason is gone and she is off the chain, I had to ask her to leave to which she responded that she was calling the police on me. And she did! The Crazy Bitch called the police and two cops came out to the property! After speaking with me about the situation the two cops informed the Crazy Bitch to leave the property and not to return. Really, she called the police for a security deposit refund that has been refunded to her. And this was my first encounter with the police today...About an hour after this incident, well I am just too tired to go into it, maybe in the next post, and if I do it involves two crazy bitches; one who about to be evicted and one who is quite possibly mentally ill.


  1. Wow hope today is better than Monday

  2. I was just gonna say, "Did you call the cops on her?" But she did it herself. People like that always end up getting what they deserve. Sorry you had to go through that crap, but the week's gotta get better, right?

    Take care,

  3. wow she DOES sound crazy! What fun antics... lol

  4. Mo, Yes today, Tuesday, has been better.

    Chris, With the start of this week, it can only get better...LOL!

    Chele, Oh...she is crazy, believe me.

  5. That is insane!! And it turns out she basically called them on herself, that is kinda funny though! I hope she got home and the check was in her mailbox, and then feels like a total bitch. I hope your week is going better and that the coffee machine behaves itself.