Friday, June 5, 2009


While re-arranging a closet last night, I came across my high school yearbooks and took a ride back to the future. As I looked through one I found three yearbook entries from two teenage boys that made me giggle, and I thought that I would share them. Teenage boys, gotta love em.

From my Las Vegas High School 1986 yearbook, Echo, the year before my senior year.

Lynn, you finally came to your senses and looked my way. I bet you love yourself for that, huh? I hope we have fun while I am still here and remember to make Mr. Happy, happy. Love, Chris

Lynn, I love ya. See ya next year. Love, Henry Prendes #51

Lynn, This is the second time I have signed your yearbook. So now you know you are special. This last month is going to be fun, just Mr. Happy and you. Love, Chris-Again.

I have no idea who Chris is, and Henry was the campus hottie, team captain of the football team and co-President of the class, and he told all the girls that he loved each and every one of us. Sadly, Henry, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer, lost his life in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call in 2006. Damn!...It still puts a lump in my throat.


  1. People say the dumbest and funniest things in yearbooks. There was a kid in my history class that asked me everyday for a piece of paper when class started. EVERY DAY! When he signed my yearbook, he said, "Thanks for giving me the first piece." Nice. I had a lot of 'splainin' to do.

  2. You made Mr. Happy, happy, and you don't know who Chris is? Tramp.

    Sorry about your friend Henry. That's terrible. My 25th year high school reunion is next month and I know we've lost a lot of people. We also had a class of 455.

  3. LOL, Chrissy. No, I don't know who Chris is, and I never hooked up with anyone named Chris in high school. I think I need to scan the pages of my yearbook and try to figure out who this Chis is who wanted me to make Mr. Happy, happy. If I find him I will find out if he still wants me to make Mr. Happy, happy, and I just might!

    As I scanned the picture in this post, I realized that two of the people that I recongnize have passed. Henry is second row from the top and second one in. He was such a cute kid.

  4. That's hilarious. I need to go through mine!

  5. Ahh...poor Chris. I bet he remembers who you are. It's sad about Henry. Thanks for sharing your memories.

    And also a thanks for stopping by my place. Appreciate it!