Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mirlotte And The Pool Man

Dating or trying to date for the most part is difficult and leaves me wondering why single women of a certain age bother to date. I have posted a couple blogs on the topic with To Cougar or Not to Cougar and Happy Birthday To Me; I Waxed, but the events in the these posts were not my experiences and I could not really appreciate the frustration of dating until recently.

Before I get to the events of an almost date, let me tell you a bit about me as perceived by a friend of mine who does not have to wonder why I don't date more often; she thinks she knows why I don't date more oftern. She once told me, "You are too much of a Miranda with a bit of Charlotte mixed in, and this makes you just a bit too much of an idealistic cut your balls off judgemental snob to be open enough to go on a date.' What, me? I think not! But my friend begs to differ. She is convinced that I am the most devastating combination of the four women of Sex In The City; she thinks that I am a "Mirlotte", a combination of Miranda and Charlotte, and this is coming from a friend; God only knows what men who don't know me think. Am I really like Miranda from Sex In the City, jaded, sarcastic, hard as nails and brittle, but also like Charlotte, do I have a air of innocence with a view of the world that the glass is always half full, and it is better to stay single than to settle for less than what I think I deserve? Hmmmm?

I digress let's get back to the almost date. The almost date happened a couple of weeks ago, and I had no clue that it was happening until it was pointed out to me that I was being hit on, or as my APM said to me, "He tried to HOLLA, and you cut his balls off." Am I that cynical that I no longer recognize when being hit on? Or do I just look past men who I unconsciously think are not good enough for me? It happened at work and the man who hit on me, and who continues to do so, is a representative of a company that the property contracts with. I don't even know his name so I call him Pool Man. Does this make me a cynical snob to not know his name and then give him a name related to the work that he does? Anyhooo, just before the pool season started, Pool Man and I had to have a few conversations about the pool and during the course of these conversations Pool Man would interject light banter and casual get to know you questions along the lines of, What kind of music do you like? What radio station do you listen to? And I'm thinking what does music have to do with getting the pool open on time? Hey buddy, let's stay on track here there is no time for music, and although I am thinking this I dare not say it; I don't want to be rude. I gave a cute little reluctant smile as if I were really charmed and said, "Well, I listen to 107.3 even though I can't stand Jack Diamond; he's too pretentious for my taste." Yes, I really did say this and I don't know why. Well, that is all I had to say because I had given Pool Man a wide opening and he bulldozed through it like a wrecking ball at a contemned building.

Pool Man has two jobs; not only does he work with companies like the company I work for to get pools up to code to open, he also works at the very station that I listen to, 107.3, and he is "friends" with the very Jack Diamond that I think is too pretentious. Pool Man now believes that we have something in common; I listen to the station that he has a part time job at, and he uses this to ask me out. This is how it went.

Pool Man: So you listen to 107.3? I work there part time and I know Jack, he's a good friend of mine.

Me: That's nice.

Pool Man: Hey, you know I could hook you up to meeting him...I know he is pretentious and all but I do have connections.

Me: Well, thanks but no, I can't. Not only does Jack Diamond make my stomach turn, but my company has a no tolerance policy on socializing with vendors in order to advance my own social standing in the community. If I were to accept your generous offer, it would be a conflict of interest and I would be violating our Business Code of Ethics.

Yes, I really did say this and I pulled it right out of my arse. Creative mind that I have; no applause necessary.

Pool Man is not deterred, I hear from him at least twice a week and he is keeping at it. Just this past week he sent a T-shirt to me; a Jack Diamond and The Morning Show T-shirt....Is he trying to be funny? Or is he just a smart-ass? Either way, it made me laugh from the belly and I felt the hard exterior that protects of my soul begin to melt, and I felt my heart begin to beat and I thought with an open mind...Hmmm, maybe?


  1. But is he cute? Pool Guys are usually depicted as cute in the movies.

    I love the Mirlotte description. I know some women just like that. I'm not saying your friend is right about you being a Mirlotte though.

    Good luck with the Pool Guy. Keep us posted.

  2. Hi Theresa, I don't know if I am a "Mirlotte" or not, and as for is he cute....I have to say yes, because he makes me laugh....other than that I would never give him a second glance, but I do now, because I think he is funny and a smart-ass....He is rubbing my issues in my face with a humor and that goes a long way with me.

  3. Hey...I knew I liked you, Funny Girl!

    First, I'm a huge Sex and the City fan.

    And second, Miranda is my favorite character out of all four girls - love her! Perhaps that's because I'm a male version of her.


    Anyhoo...humor to me is also a VERY big attraction. I love when someone can make me laugh.

    Sounds like he's really interested in getting to know you more - that's great!

    Keep us posted!!!!

  4. Awww, I'm a sucker for a lame line. Give him a chance. You never know....

  5. You never told me about pool man!

  6. Ron, I have to say that Miranda is my favorite too; she cracks me up with her up-tight don't efff with me tude.

    SMB, lame lines are funny if delivered well, and they will get my attention.

    Jeffro, but where would I hang it?

    CC, What was I going to tell, I didn't even realize that I was being asked out until my APM pointed it out that Pool Man was hitting on me.

  7. I thought everyone wanted their own pool boy? What's the problem?

  8. Geez...I must be in age denial, but the "pool BOY" is now a "pool MAN"!

    And yes, applause IS necessary. Amazing that you were able to pull (even if out of your arse) that fantastic reply. I am VERY impressed...
    Well done.

  9. Little Ms. The problem is me; I have so many issues...I'll be blogging about them so stay tuned.

    F8hasit, It's not age denial...He is in his 40's so I assume he is a man and not a boy...Let's hope anyway.