Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eggs and Dog Farts; A Facebook Conversation

Brice: Daisy, the black lab, just ate the scrambled eggs I dropped on the floor. She just farted and I think she killed the cat.

Mike: Give the cat some chili and let them fight it out! LOL

Charlie: You just found a way to solve your mouse problem.

Tommy, Or did you fart and kill the cat.

Brice: Whatever T.

Lynn: Egg farts = EWWWW. This happens to me when I eat deviled eggs, which is why I don't eat them.

Brice: Try running eggs through a black lag. GAWWWWD.

Jeff: Like shit passing a goose.

Michele: My Daisy does the same thing; must be a Daisy thing. Too funny, Brice.

Brice: Oh Michele, if it anything like my mutts I feel so sorry for you. This odor can peel paint off a wall.

Karen: Oh you guys, I love to fart. It is so exciting and I'm good at it as well!

Lynn: Are we all really having a FB conversation about farts?